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Hi! I'm Sanjana, and I strive to create innovative

solutions that empower users. 



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D Tour

UX Research & Design | Dialexa EDU Mentorship

An innovative solution to address the lack of awareness on Dallas' history and rich culture

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Social Media

Design & Interaction | Part-Time

Creating a space to engage, enlighten and encourage mental health conversations

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Thought Maze

Psycho-education & Research | Personal Project

A psycho-education game designed to optimize client interaction during online therapy

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Toyota - Enhanced Expereince

UX Design | HackUTD Competition

A re-design of Toyota's multimedia services with added features to enhance the overall driving experience 

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UX Design | Personal Project

An internship tracking application that addresses the holistic process in a student's perspective
[Case Study in Progress]

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UX Research & Design | Personal Project
[in progress]

A fast and efficient way to find restaurants, leave reviews and explore people's food profiles

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