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Social Media - CHETNA


Sept 2020 - Sept 2021 | Part-Time | Social Media Specialist

CHETNA is a local non-profit organization that aims to help South Asian victims of domestic violence. I aimed to improve the existing social media page by focusing on building a community with the users. To do this, I focused on creating posts that spread awareness on mental health topics and increased interaction through stories and promotion. Condensing mental health facts into posts was a challenge, but I explored multiple styles and presented the content in a creative way.


Design, Interaction & Innovation

1. Implement designs that are simple, captivating and follow design principles
2. Engage with users through stories
3. Make fundraising campaigns more personal and creative
4. Create content series and post on a specific day (Mindfulness Monday)
5. Diversify topics: focus on discussing general mental health, tips, etc to connect with general audience



After reviewing the previous posts, I realized that the main problem was a lack of harmonious designs. The posts were crowded with information and text-heavy with no design theme


Researching other mental health platforms, I decided to develop a style guide for CHETNA and include interesting cover pages. I focused on visual organization so the information is easy to understand



Their reach was very low - few followers who were mostly inactive. They only got a few likes and barely any re-shares.


First, I had to focus on regaining the users' attention. Creating captivating designs allowed me to do that. Then, I conducted informal user research by asking followers questions on stories (preferred content, frequency, ideas, etc). This gave me a lot of insight on how to structure the posts. In the span of 3 months, we saw an increase in interaction and followers.


Content Series


They had two types of content: radio show posts and mental health awareness days. The radio show post was a monthly comilation of mental health talks given by the counselor. For awareness day, it was a simple post reminding people


I improved the design of both types of posts. Reflecting on my user research, I had an idea to make a more generalized mental health series: hence, I launched "Mindfulness Mondays." These posts got drastic increase in engagement as they were common topics aside from domestic violence that we always address. 



Previous fundraising campaigns were just reminders to donate, a few words on how it would help and extensive promotion.


I developed a campaign a couple months before the season to prepare. The campaign included posts spread out over weeks that show how funds will help victims fight legal battles, receive counseling and housing. I applied concepts in psychology by addressing the user's impact, using ethos and having a consistent tagline. We raised about $10,000 more than last year.