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An app to connect tourists with locals and add meaning to the

overall travel experience



Feb 16th - 24 Hours


UX Design

Many travelers express their frustration with traditional tourism because of the scheduled, limited and regulated experience. Travel agencies explore top attractions with a packed schedule, but they often miss out on the local experiences that shape the city. Hence, there’s a growing demand for more immersive and engaging experiences.

How can we create a platform for people to personalize travel
and add meaning to the overall travel experience?

Business Insights


How might we
make travelling personalized and meaningful?

How might we
make travel more engaging and less structured?

How might we
help tourists experience the culture of the place and find hubspots?

Travel Style

If you have interest in specific style of activities like adventure, nature, laid back, etc, you can specify that info in the onboarding to be matched with someone who matches your travel style


To make travelling less scheduled, Localist aims to make it more engaging by allowing you to book a local anytime at your convenience. This way tourists can be spontaneous and avoid accommodating with travel groups


The localist can offer personalized recommendations, insider tips, and unique experiences that may not be readily available to tourists. This provides travelers with a more authentic and immersive experience of the local culture

Competitive Analysis

Using insights we gathered from research, we tried to compare our app with travel agencies to see if we were able to address the problem with our key features

LOCALIST PITCH DECK (2)_edited.jpg


We chose brown as a color that symbolizes earthiness to embody sentiments such as being close to roots, down to earth and warm. 

The font displays a fun yet professional nature to display our values of credibility and approachability. 

To capture the core of our concept "Live like a local" we created this logo that's a blend between a person and a location pin to show how localist can provide immersive experiences

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Hi-Fi Frames

Screenshot 2023-03-06 031526.png

We made detailed onboarding screens and had pages for explore, matches, payment, and travel booking. This resulted in over 20+ hi-fidelity in about 16 hours. 

Screenshot 2023-03-06 031627.png

In order to present a working prototype to judges, we ensured that all our pages were connected and prototyped properly. We explored some engaging animations and ensured a smooth flow to stimulate the app in reality. 


Working Prototype



Evaluating Solution

Our approach to solving this problem was different because of the time constraint. We weren't able to conduct interviews or surveys so our research was primarily reading articles and learning about travel agencies.


We started out by defining all aspects of our problem, features and then went straight into design. We did some crazy 8s to discuss ideas but overall skipping lo-fi wireframes felt different. Nevertheless, I think we were still able to create defensible designs

Personal Reflection

Some common issue that we ran into was figuring out all the details to make sure there were no loopholes left. I believe this process took us almost 6-7 hours to ideate, work, and improve, and even with that continuous process, we felt that we left out certain aspects. Even in terms of design it was a highly iterative process as we kept revising and refining our designs.  

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this because even though we were on a time constraint, we worked really well together delegating tasks and making memories. It was a memorable 40 hours of bonding, designing and learning. 

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